A manufacturer of Bristol blue glass has opened its first shop in Bristol.

Bristol Blue Glass Bedminster, which makes items such as bowls, vases, glasses and decanters from blue lead crystal, launched the retail store at 47 High Street in a ceremony attended by the Lord Mayor of Bristol Faruk Choudhury.
The shop sells products blown at the firm's factory on a historic glassmaking site in Bedminster.

Dr Francis Burroughes, owner of Bristol Blue Glass Bedminster, said: "The old city is the perfect setting to showcase our historic blue lead crystal and as you can imagine there's been a great deal of interest.
"Our artisan glassware reflects a centuries-old glassmaking tradition in Bristol and adds to the quality and range of what's on offer in such a historic location."

Eva Stuetzenberger, retail sector development manager at Destination Bristol, added: "It's exciting to see new independent shops like Bristol Blue Glass Bedminster populating the old city, adding to the character of the location and boosting the ongoing rejuvenation of the area."


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