The only remaining building that once formed part of Bristol’s medieval city walls is currently on show in all its glory for the first time in a century.

But not for much longer, as the view of the Church of St John the Baptist from Rupert Street, opened up by the demolition of the old magistrates’ court, will soon be lost with the building of new student accommodation.

Until that happens, make the most of this most historic of churche built into the city’s old north gate.

One of four original entrances into Bristol, the church was built in the mid-fourteenth century and was where travellers would offer prayers before a journey.

The church is no longer in use but is still open to visitors thanks to the Churches Conservation Trust, who are now looking for any memories of the Grade I listed building.

Stories and memories will be recorded and once transcribed form part of an exhibition to coincide with Bristol Doors Open Day on September 13.

To share a memory, visit the church, open every day from 11am to 2pm, and speak to a steward. Alternatively, call the Churches Conservation Trust on 0117 929 1766 or email


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