A new map and walking guide of Bristol’s Old City following the route of the original Norman town walls is launched today.

The walls may no longer be visible but their route can still mostly be traced, as well as seen at St John the Baptist on Broad Street which was one of five churches that were once built into the walls. The map was commissioned by the Old City traders group and made by artists from Centrespace Gallery – itself to be found off an original medieval alleyway.

Graphic design is by Nick and Lawrence Hand, illustration by Simon Tozer and the map by Sam Morrison.

“This project is truly reestablishing the Old City as Bristol’s birthplace and medieval heart,” says Eva Stuetzenberger, chair of the Old City Traders’ & Business Forum.

“In my home country Germany we would call it Bristol’s Altstadt – the area where every exploration to this exciting city should start, in order to fully understand its modern day context.

“The Old City is where Bristol’s trading culture began – and it is the Old City’s trading community that is now bringing it back to life.”

The walking guide and accompanying postcards are available at the Tourist Information Centre, shops in the Old City and online at www.bristololdcity.co.uk/old-city-heritage-trail.

- See more at: http://www.bristol-culture.com/2014/04/07/new-map-of-old-city