A one-way proposal could make one of Bristol city centre’s busiest streets for pedestrians much safer.

Council officers are suggesting that The Pithay, a short, steep hill, is made one-way downhill.

The aim is to make Wine Street, one of Bristol’s busiest pedestrian thoroughfares, much safer.

Vehicles often have to edge past pedestrians as they cross the busy junction.

The council says more than 2,000 pedestrians use Wine Street each hour at peak times.

A council spokeswoman said: “The steep gradient at the junction between Wine Street and The Pithay poses a hazard as pedestrians cross behind vehicles which can roll back into them.

“Around 4,000 vehicles currently use The Pithay each day and there have been six collisions involving two pedestrians, two cyclists and two motorbike riders since December 2008.

A Traffic Regulation Order proposes to make The Pithay one-way down towards Fairfax Street from Wine Street to Tower Lane for all traffic except pedal cycles.

Traffic travelling up from Fairfax Street would be able to access the businesses on The Pithay, but access to Wine Street would be via the traffic lights at Broad Weir.

The proposed changes to The Pithay, together with the recently advertised speed table on Broad Street and cycle improvements to Baldwin Street, are part of a wider programme to improve the public realm of the Old City, prioritising pedestrians and cycling and reducing the impact of traffic.

This has been developed by Bristol City Council in collaboration with the Old City business group.

Following the series of ‘Make Sunday Special’ events last year, Corn Street and Small Street are now closed to vehicles between 10am and 8pm on Saturdays and 10am to midnight on Sundays.

Anyone wanting to comment on the proposals should email tro.comments@bristol.gtov.uk quoting reference CAE/RGW/P/876 by February 14.

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