~~BRISTOL became only the second city in the UK to have a bitcoin cash machine.

The machine, which allows people to buy and sell the internet currency, was installed in healthy fast food restaurant Superfoods on St Stephen's Street yesterday. The only previous installations in this country have been in London's trendy tech area, Shoreditch.

The machine dispenses cash into your hands in return for your internet currency units, which are stored in a virtual "wallet".

Until now, users had to use specialist software to transfer funds.

The ATMs also mean users can buy bitcoins instantly, instead of going through a more lengthy online transaction. They accept £10 and £20 notes, but not debit or credit cards. You can buy anything from £10 to £1,500 worth of Bitcoins a day, at the live price plus seven per cent commission.

Charlie Furnivall, from Superfoods, also accepts bitcoins as currency in his restaurant.

Bitcoin was first invented to create a currency free from government controls.

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